Being Stingy With Following People Online Is A Sin

Don’t be stingy with your follows.

Photo of a stingy social media user by mentatdgt viaPexels

Why is it that most of us strive to keep the number of people we follow significantly less than the number of followers we have on social media? It’s some kind of unspoken rule that cool people follow less and are followed more on most social media networks.

It doesn’t make sense because if following more people on any platform will increase the chances of those people following back. Even if they are complete strangers.

Any brand, company, ambassador or entrepreneur should want to follow as many people as possible to attract more followers to their own page.

On most of my online profiles and company pages, I go on a following spree. Both when I’m first starting out and also after I’ve obtained an online presence. It’s free to follow people, you can always unfollow them if you don’t like what they post and it puts you on the radar for more followers for a variety of reasons.

Example: If you follow 200 people on Twitter, you have a chance of getting 200 followers. However, other accounts that engage with the people you’ve followed might have you on the radar as a follower of someone they follow and might be more likely to follow you. They can also see you follow 200 people and have less followers than that so they know you’re not stingy with your follows. This makes them more likely to follow you because there’s a higher chance of them being followed back. Make sense?

I love messing with Kanye West so here’s what I mean.

Compare this to brand ambassadors, influencers and hard-asses in general on social media who follow 100 people and have 1,000 followers. I’m not following this person and neither are you unless they’re a celebrity. It’s because they’re stingy with their follows. These are the kind of people who unfollow close friends to keep their following count low. It’s a shame really. Watch out for these stingy snakes.

But if you’re like me and you want to build a brand or presence on social media, it’s best to follow as many active users as possible. Especially in the niche you’re aiming for. I’ve found success on my personal social media accounts and my business accounts by using this method. Just go crazy. It’s actually a freeing feeling.

Follow your friends. Follow your friends’ friends. Follow that one guy who liked your friends’ friends tweet four months ago.

It shows that you’re not stingy with your follows.

I guarantee you will see a massive return on your investments by implementing this strategy. You can accumulate hundreds of followers in a matter of days without spending a dime on ads or marketing.

The only thing you’d have to ‘worry’ about is your following count going up, but what does that really affect? Nothing. Big whoop, you’re following more people than you have followers. I actually like and actively seek these kinds of accounts. I’m more inclined to follow accounts that is heavy-handed on the follow button.

An added bonus to following more people online is that it gives you the ability to see more content and engage more. The more you engage, the more you appear will appear on timelines of people in your network and outside of it. The more you’re on a timeline, the more you’re seen. It’s Marketing 101. Put yourself out there.

Social media is a powerful (don’t forget free) tool if used correctly, but too often I see Karen’s complaining and stingy hard-asses monitoring their following-follower ratio and waiting for their moment to make the perfect tweet once every six months. Zaps the fun right out of it.

Have fun online, go crazy, follow a ton of people, don’t offend anyone. Very simple steps to gain a large audience of like-minded individuals online.

Also, unfollowing is free so if you try my strategy and look back one day in regret, unfollow everyone you followed. They won’t take it personally, I promise.

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