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No seed money or experience needed

I try to write a lot about side hustles that don’t require a downpayment to start making money. Paying to play doesn’t make sense. The goal is to make money, not pay for the chance to make money.

I fully support investing in yourself but throwing money at a side hustle isn’t the only way to make it profitable.

There are some you can build up slowly each day, for free. One, in particular, is very common and can be easily scaled up without any help.

Before I tell you what it is and you click away from this story…

These side gigs desperately want to pay writers for their work

Most writers know being good at writing is only half the battle. The other half is making your writing profitable.

You could be the world’s greatest writer but if you don’t know where to put your writing so it’s in front of readers’ faces, then you won’t rack up many wins in the profit column.

A few years back, I created a blog and tried to attract readers by writing consistent content. I’m definitely biased but I thought my writing was good enough to bring in at least a few readers on a daily basis.

I soon found that not…

These 3 alone resulted in a 50% return in my stock portfolio

In September 2019, I opened a Roth IRA with M1 Finance.

I’ve added three stocks to my portfolio since the day I opened the account.

Now, my stock portfolio reads a 50% return on my investments without me doing any trading besides buying the same 3 stocks every month.

I plan to continue investing in these three stocks and I’m more than certain that over the next few decades, I’ll continue to see a solid return on my money.

It’s a strategy made for passive investors who are looking at the big picture and aren’t worried about selling their positions.

Yes, I’m that guy running outside with a mask on

The pandemic taught me a lot of things. At the top of that list of things learned are all of the difficulties that come with exercising while wearing a mask.

You know that guy you see running through the park wearing a mask when no one was even around him? Yes, for over a year I was that guy. I still am.

At first, when the pandemic started I did it because I didn’t want to take any chances of catching the virus.

After a few months, I soon realized a few benefits of wearing a mask while exercising as…

Try them out before everyone else catches onto them

It seems as if every side hustle story I find is about one of the following gigs:

  • Writing
  • Freelancing
  • Reselling

Even I write a lot about those three opportunities because they are great ways to make money.

But they aren’t my only side gig.
I like to diversify my hustles.
It keeps me on my toes.

I’m always looking for new or different odd jobs that can bring in money, specifically while working from my home.

Also, doing the same side hustles every day gets boring. And if you’re not making enough money from those side hustles, they get bothersome.

How you can make money from this strange team up

With the recent rise and sudden fall of Dogecoin (DOGE), many people thought the price would’ve completely plummeted after Elon Musk on SNL and we’d all be talking about the next crazy stock or cryptocurrency.

While I still do believe investors should buy Shiba Inu (SHIB) for a low price while they can, I don’t think Dogecoin is going anywhere just yet.

My reasoning why: Pornhub.

In early 2021, both Mastercard and Visa pulled payment support from Pornhub. This led the company to seek ulterior methods of payment. …

One person’s junk can be the same person’s side hustle

One of my favorite side hustles is reselling. I love reselling sneakers, cards, clothes, golf clubs. You name it, I’ll flip it for a profit.

Reselling is so great to me because it’s easy money. You buy an item — or have one just lying around at home — list it on eBay, and when it sells you throw it in a box and smack a label on it. Boom. Money in your pocket.

It makes me sad when I see people struggling with reselling because I know it can be tricky for someone who's never done it before. …

Step aside stocks and crypto, there’s a new money maker in town

As a society, we’ve been navigating an incredibly high collectible boom.

When you hear that Target has to stop selling Pokemon cards because grown men are fighting over them, it’s clear that we’ve hit an all-time high.

Being someone who stood in line at Target for hours to buy cards and flipping them immediately for triple the amount, I can certify that it’s extremely profitable.

I understand why grown men were caught fighting at Target over some cards. It’s because it’s an easy $500 payday.

Through my conversations with other scalpers and research, I’ve nailed down 4 alternative assets that…

You’ll get your first client faster than you think

For many freelancers, finding clients is the most difficult part of doing business. It doesn’t matter how good — or bad — you are at your craft as a freelancer if you have no one willing to pay you for your work.

I’ve personally struggled a great deal with finding clients, especially in the past year. Right now, I’m grateful to have a couple awesome people I consistently write for, but before them it was always a cat and mouse game between me and clients.

I often compared my struggles of finding clients to the same struggles a good friend…

You’ll probably be able to make even more

I understand how difficult it can be for new writers to make money from their work.

Finding a good place to start is hard and let’s face it, nobody is going to relentlessly keep writing stories without the incentive of making a decent bit of money in return.

The initial struggle can make writing not seem as lucrative as it is.

But don’t worry, I can confirm: Writing is very lucrative.

There are many writers charging hundreds of dollars for a 500-word story they whipped up in under an hour.

And while I’m a big supporter of new writers writing…

Marx D.

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