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Online algorithms are moving away from scammy headlines

The jig is up. Clickbait headlines don’t hit as hard as they used to.

A year ago, a story with a headline involving some method of how the author made a large sum of money in 1 day would’ve garnered way more love from online algorithms than it does these days.

All online platforms have been cracking down on clickbait titles and headlines. There’s something about misleading information to attract clicks that just doesn’t sit well these days.

Who would’ve thought?

It can be incredibly difficult to find a balance between writing a clickbait headline and writing a straightforward, boring…

These stories are guaranteed to get more reads

Slamming your head against the wall trying to figure out what kind of story you should write next can be draining. I know from first-hand experience, I’m always struggling to come up with ideas as a writer.

It’s not that I don’t have enough ideas. I don’t have enough good ideas.

Sure, I’d love to write about how I saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to a brand represented by a small green lizard, but no one wants to read that garbage.

I get the best ideas when I put myself in the reader’s position. …

The answer was right in front of me the entire time

Two of my worlds collided the day I decided to plug my businesses together. I didn’t merge the businesses, but now they play off one another to generate more income.

It took a bit of creativity to find common ground between my businesses so I could get to where I am now.

Before I spill my beans, I’ll tell you my two businesses and maybe you can figure out how I made them work together.

My businesses:

  • Reselling business
  • Freelance writing

So, how do you plug together a reselling business and a freelance writing business and come away from it…

They will completely change your day

You turn off your alarm clock for the fourth time, scroll on Twitter for a few minutes, and finally decide that it’s time to get your day started.

Before making your way over to your morning bathroom routine, you pause and notice a pain in your back.

Did you sleep funny?

You try to get your back loose with no success and decide right there that you’re going to live the rest of your day with an aching pain in your back.

A similar situation has happened to all of us at one point or another, but there is a…

Which one is right for you?

It’s a common debate between freelance writers: content mills vs. clients.

Whether you’re a veteran writer or a rookie just starting out, figuring out which suits you best and will make you more money can be difficult.

A few months ago, I found myself at a fork in the road between writing for content mills and writing for clients. I created a pros and cons list to help me decide which one was best for me and validate to myself why I thought that option was the best.

That way, in the future when I looked back at my decision…

How I reduced my monthly expenses by 50%

The very first thing I did after becoming financially literate was to start tracking my monthly expenses. After all, it’s vital to know how much money you have coming in every month and how much needs to go toward your expenses.

I started tracking my monthly expenses over a year ago and can safely say I’ve saved money just from seeing a pattern of useless things I spend money on and cutting them out of my life.

In these last few months, I decided to double down on reducing my monthly expenses and took a closer look at them. …

You’re probably one of them

If you’re anything like me, LinkedIn isn’t the most-used application on your phone.

For me, it’s a place to publish my professional resume online and connect with past and present co-workers so I can stalk their success — or failures — later in life.

That’s right, my LinkedIn Love Language is “The Creeper.” I never post, but I’m active enough to see when my connections get new positions, and sometimes I might throw a ‘like’ out there if it’s well-deserved.

I recently created a LinkedIn account for my writing alias, Marx D. Mainly because I wanted to connect with other…

Make extra income from your couch today

You’re sitting at home for multiple hours a day because:

  • You’re a stay-at-home mom.
  • You were laid off from work.
  • You just have a lot of free time.

You insert the reason, it doesn’t really matter what position you’re in.

The three things that do really matter are:

  • You have a computer at home.
  • Connection to the internet.
  • A desire to make money. 🤑

As long as you have these three things, you can make extra money from the comfort of your own home.

I’ve personally made thousands of dollars from my couch by using four different methods. This is…

We’re talking literal doors here, not spiritual ones

The pandemic has given me the opportunity to learn many new things, both professional and unprofessional.

As the pandemic progressed, the CDC harped about how touching surfaces could lead to a higher-risk of getting sick especially if you’re a dirt ball and don’t wash your paws.

I took this advice to heart. I don’t want to catch the virus, but if I do there’s no way I’m getting it from opening a door. I’d rather get it from a crazy party that I shouldn’t be at. …

Lean into the feeling you’re avoiding to achieve results

Do you remember the very first lie you were ever caught telling?

You might’ve been just a child when your parents caught you with chocolate around your mouth, but you swore you don’t know what happened to the chocolate chip cookies.

Your parents might’ve told you to go to your room or maybe you naturally just ran into your room and started to cry from the guilt of lying for the first time.

Fast forward to high school. You try out for the basketball team and get cut, but all your friends make the team.

The girl you like rejects…

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