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Long story short, it’s a rip-off

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I was given an Apple Watch as a Christmas gift and with it came three free months of Apple Fitness+.

If you’re unaware of what Apple Fitness+ is — like I was — it’s essentially Apple’s version of Fitness Blender. It’s a fitness app that gives you access to different fitness workouts and tracks your exercise history.

The app connects to your other Apple products like your Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone, and can be controlled from your Apple Watch.

Before I tell you why it’s a waste to me, there were some upsides. I was able to easily access…

It’s not all fun and games working as a freelancer

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Until a few months ago, I was under the false assumption that writing for clients was a dream come true. You see writers boast about how awesome it is all the time:

“You make your own hours, get paid more and work from your couch.”

I’m not at all trying to say that these aren’t true, but it’s not all daisies and waterfalls. There are negative sides to being a freelance writer that can be a pain in the neck to deal with. …

The universal law for navigating life choices

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Being productive can be the difference between conquering your goals and wallowing in bed all day.

All productive people share the same logic when it comes to navigating choices. Whether they know it or not, extremely productive people effectively navigate the 3 Ps of productivity like pros.

The 3 Ps will help you take advantage of opportunities presented in front of you. I’ve implemented them in my life as a writer and it’s made me more productive in a couple different ways.

  • I’ve been able to write and publish more stories while doing what feels like less work;
  • I more…

You might not even know that some of these foods existed

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When it comes to eating healthy, my mind immediately drifts toward green vegetables, keto diets and specific foods that are no fun to eat.

Where in the wellness rulebook does it state we have to eat gross tasting foods for us to be considered healthy? The truth is, the rulebook doesn’t state it at all.

Going back to the fundamental food pyramid, technically a little bit of the food that’s bad for us and a lot of the food that’s good for us is what we should aim for. …

Invest your time wisely for maximum results

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At the beginning of this year, I made a goal for myself as a writer. I wanted to earn $10,000 by the end of the year with my writing alone.

I made a plan in late-December 2020 that included details about deadlines, different platforms to write on and possible opportunities to pursue.

At the bottom of my plan I wrote:

Those who never take risks will never get rewards.

Fast forward to mid-February. I hit the ground running in January by doing what was lucrative for me last year, but I went way harder at it.

I wrote more stories…

Sleep well at night knowing your money is in the right places

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Through a world-changing pandemic and political protests on the nation’s Capitol, the stock market has somehow managed to skyrocket.

It’s broken record highs and with a push from Redditors, even stocks like $GME have gone up — and down — more than ever in the past few months.

Let’s face it: We’re in a bubble.

In a bubble, some of the basic principles of stock market investing seem like they don’t apply anymore. Typically, the simplest goal of investing is to buy low and sell high.

When no stock is technically “low” then when is the right tie to buy…

From a consumer’s point of view

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Start your freelancing career with my $149 course.

Buy my e-book to learn how to write your e-book.

Become a better writer in three weeks with my master class.

As a writer and frequent consumer of online content, I see ads like these tossed around a lot. It seems like everyone has some course to sell or a magic life-changing book to market.

Online courses are not new. I’ve been attending them for a long time.

Only now, more people are trying to sell them because there is money to be made. …

Take care of your body now and it will return the favor later

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Imagine this. A 66-year-old man gets up every morning at 6 am and takes an 8-mile walk. He does this six or seven days a week.

The only reason he walks instead of runs is because the pavement is too hard on his joints from years of running in the past.

He’s not on any medicine at all and doesn’t even take vitamins. He drinks Diet Coke and eats Snickers bars. The only real meal of his day is a big breakfast.

After years of exercise, his body has become an iron fortress that allows him to live pain-free at…

Take advantage of the hype for sports cards and trading cards

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If you plan on going to a Walmart or Target in the near future, I challenge you to visit the card section. Not the card section for birthdays, the one with sports cards and trading cards.

You’ll immediately notice this section has been wiped clean and destroyed.

Cards are in high demand right now and finding the right card — or pack of cards — to sell could bring you a lot of money.

When I say a lot of money, I mean A LOT of money. …

‘To the moon’ and back with anxiety

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past two weeks, terms like ‘stonks’ and ‘to the moon’ have grown to be extremely popular online. Not just in finance communities but in basically all online communities.

As an investor who focuses on investing in index funds and holding for the long-term, terms like ‘to the moon’ scare the shit out of me. It’s because I’m a prude when it comes to the stock market.

But now, I feel like an old man who is afraid of technology because I don’t get my investing advice from Reddit.

These ‘stonks’ that all…

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