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Make extra income from your couch today

You’re sitting at home for multiple hours a day because:

  • You’re a stay-at-home mom.
  • You were laid off from work.
  • You just have a lot of free time.

You insert the reason, it doesn’t really matter what position you’re in.

The three things that do really matter are:

  • You have a computer at home.
  • Connection to the internet.
  • A desire to make money. 🤑

As long as you have these three things, you can make extra money from the comfort of your own home.

I’ve personally made thousands of dollars from my couch by using four different methods. This is…

We’re talking literal doors here, not spiritual ones

The pandemic has given me the opportunity to learn many new things, both professional and unprofessional.

As the pandemic progressed, the CDC harped about how touching surfaces could lead to a higher-risk of getting sick especially if you’re a dirt ball and don’t wash your paws.

I took this advice to heart. I don’t want to catch the virus, but if I do there’s no way I’m getting it from opening a door. I’d rather get it from a crazy party that I shouldn’t be at. …

Lean into the feeling you’re avoiding to achieve results

Do you remember the very first lie you were ever caught telling?

You might’ve been just a child when your parents caught you with chocolate around your mouth, but you swore you don’t know what happened to the chocolate chip cookies.

Your parents might’ve told you to go to your room or maybe you naturally just ran into your room and started to cry from the guilt of lying for the first time.

Fast forward to high school. You try out for the basketball team and get cut, but all your friends make the team.

The girl you like rejects…

It’ll come around to bite you in the legs

Leg day is like that one friend your mom made you be nice to in elementary school because they’re awkward and have no other friends. Most people really don’t want to do it, but they end up doing it.

Me personally, I hated it.

It’s because I used to play college basketball and did leg day with a purpose. It was so I could jump higher with more explosion and not be pushed around as much in the paint.

Now that I’m years past that point in my life, it didn’t make sense for me to do legs.

Of course…

Tips and info about extra income sent straight to your inbox

After seeing a ton of comments about wanting to see more stories about side hustles and making extra income, I’ve decided to take the newsletter route. I didn’t have enough stories published in the publication to be consistent before but now I do.

It’s completely free, so even if you have a friend who doesn’t have a Medium subscription they can still subscribe to the newsletter and get it sent straight to their inbox.

I’m looking at sending out the newsletter every Friday because it’s my favorite day of the week.

On top of that, I won’t just be featuring…

And why you shouldn’t buy into the hype

Any writer will tell you freelance writing is extremely lucrative. You can make thousands of dollars using your own laptop in the comfort of your own home.

Finding paying clients can be difficult. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork began to grow in popularity because they connected the bridge between writers and clients.

These platforms might seem like a solution to finding clients, but in reality, it can be quite competitive to start making money on platforms like Fiverr. I love to complain about how difficult it is for new writers to make money on these types of platforms.

Still, one…

And neither one is Bitcoin or Ethereum

As we all know, there has been a massive boom in the trading of cryptocurrency these last few months. More people are starting to realize the value that crypto holds.

A lot of investors are putting their money into cryptos and hoping the value for those assets rises to the point in which they can sell their positions for a profit.

While many believe this is the only way to make money from crypto, there is another option. That’s where staking your crypto comes into play. …

Build your freelance portfolio like you’d build a house

As someone who has been freelancing for a few years now, I can safely say that I understand it’s not easy.

If you’re a writer — like me — then you know that writing is only half the battle of freelancing. It might even be less than half the battle.

Finding people that will pay you for your writing is the real battle.

You might be the world’s best writer, but if you start a WordPress blog that has no readers then you’ll likely be writing only for yourself.

We all have to start somewhere.

Maybe you have 0 connections…

A great playlist can make or break a workout

If you enjoy music and working out, you might have a playlist — or a few playlists —you use to get in the zone.

Some of us carefully choose specific tunes to get us going and others just click on a suggested Spotify fitness playlist.

A playlist is crucial to a great workout. Every song on all of my playlists used to be individually and carefully picked to help me achieve maximum performance. These days, that’s changed.

Now, I do a bit of a hybrid between picking my own songs combined with a fitness playlist. That way, I’ll hear songs…

Start working on tax breaks now for next year

Last year was the first time that I tried my hand at freelancing.

Honestly, I didn’t make THAT much money, but I did make a few thousand dollars with my writing. Little did I know how much being self-employed would change my tax reporting.

It came as a pretty big shock to me when I actually owed the IRS money instead of receiving a refund this tax season.


It was only a couple hundred dollars that I needed to pay but I didn’t like it. Not one bit.

This got me thinking about my freelancing goals for 2021 and…

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