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#4: While Watching Netflix

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We all know the benefits of drinking more water. Clearer skin, better physical performance, increased brain function and so on.

Basically, drinking more water increases your chances of living forever.

The thing that many people struggle with — myself included — is finding time to squeeze in more water each day. It’s easy to drink water during and after a workout or with a meal, but other than that it’s easy to completely forget about drinking water.

Also, hydrating during certain times of the day benefits your body more than other times.

Don’t miss out on the best time of the year to trail run.

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Photo by Vlad Tchompalov via Unsplash

Trail running. Either you love it or you’ve never done it before, so you don’t know how much you love it.

I’m a huge supporter of trail running. The ground is more forgiving on my legs than pavement. There is always an abundance of great views. It’s an experience that I enjoy so much, but never imagined I’d like.

Before last year, I never tried to run on trails in the winter months. Something about the combination of snow and uneven surfaces makes running sound like a bad idea. Boy, was I wrong!

Not only is trail running doable in the winter, but it’s arguably more fun than any other time of the year. …

Applicable takeaways from the financial bible itself.

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Photo by Micheile Henderson via Unsplash

If you’ve been working on your financial literacy, then you’ve probably come across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It has caused some controversy over the years but remains as one of the holy scriptures for acquiring wealth.

It’s common to see bits and pieces of this book being used in finance articles and blogs. After reading the book myself, I’ve singled out four points Kiyosaki makes that stick out from the rest. These takeaways stuck out because they can be applied to anyone’s lifestyle immediately.

Following these tips will immediately change your financial situation for the better. …

Swapped my Nike shorts for Target shorts and never looked back.

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Photo by Simon Connellan via Unsplash

First of all, let’s be clear. I don’t just buy almost all of my running gear at Target, I buy all of my clothes there in general.

If you think that makes my opinion biased…you’re probably right.

Still, I have many family members, friends, co-workers and fellow runners who agree with me about how high the quality of Target’s clothes are. In case you’ve been living under a rock — or you don’t have a woman in your life that forces you into the Target clothing section — Target’s clothes are top tier.

This includes their running and workout gear. When I was first introduced to Target’s clothes, I stuck to the essentials like T-shirts, hoodies and jackets. I didn’t learn about their fitness gear until recently — it is phenomenal. …

You can become a better writer overnight, literally.

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Photo by Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels

Some people sleep next to their gun, others sleep next to their laptop.

Jokes aside, sleeping next to your laptop is a great way to become a better writer because you can reap the benefits of having around all the time. You will literally become a better writer overnight.

Typically, to get better at writing, you need to eat, drink and sleep with your writing ideas. Practice will make you a better writer, but it takes time to practice. Keeping your laptop with you all the time is something that will make you a better writer immediately.

Don’t believe me?

Easily document your ideas

How many times have you had a genius idea in the middle of the night and forgot about it because you didn’t write it down? …

No experience is needed.

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Photo by Tom Rogerson via Unsplash

It can be difficult for new writers to make any money when starting out. You hear stories all the time about people who quit their jobs to write full-time, but these are people who have been writing for years.

For new writers, it’s important to have smaller goals. Instead of using your writing to quit your job, you could use it to pay off your student loans or car note every month. This is what I’ve been doing and it’s been awesome for my wallet.

After you make a little money writing, it will inspire you to make a lot more because you’ll see that it can be done. …

Number 3: Run less

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Photo by Tomasz Woźniak via Unsplash

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and just stare at our running shoes.

We don’t want to get dressed. We don’t want to go outside and brave the elements. We definitely don’t want to push our bodies to exhaustion by running a few miles.

These days happen to everyone, and eventually we all cave into our desires of staying home instead of going jogging. Sometimes this lack of motivation snowballs from one day into two days. The next thing we know, we’ve taken an entire week off.

We’ll make excuses and call this a break week, but really we’re lacking motivation. …

Get bigger, better results immediately.

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Photo by Pixabay via Pexels

There’s no better way to find out exactly how much you can lift in the weight room than by maxing out. Max day is when you get to see just how strong you are.

Maxing out is when you test yourself to see how much weight you can lift for one rep. For most people, max day usually consists of bench press, squats and deadlifts.

There was a lifting coach for my college basketball team who was a huge supporter of maxing out. …

Don’t let bad weather stop you from running.

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Photo by Andre Morgan via Pexels

You wake up feeling pumped, ready to kickstart your day with a run, but when you open the curtain it’s raining outside. Or worse, snowing.

We’ve all been there.

For a new runner, this might seem like a reprieve because you don’t have to run today. For veteran runners, it actually makes your heart a little heavy.

Instead of moping around all morning and feeling dejected about not running, there are other options to pursue. If you want that cardio workout bad enough, you’ll strive to get it.

No longer do I wake up in the morning feeling amped for a run and then let down because of the weather. …

Stop trying to go viral, start giving your audience what they want.

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Photo by Jakob Owens via Unsplash

You hear it all the time in interviews from successful content creators:

“I went viral with that one post and the rest was history.”

As much as I’d like to believe this is true for everyone, the sad truth is it’s not. It’s pure luck for someone to go viral but it’s even more luck for that one viral post to boost them into fame and fortune.

Most people don’t have that kind of luck and so when they do go viral, everything that comes with that virality is lost soon after. …

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